28 August

ZINE Magazine Issue 18 | COVERSTORY | Jolin Tsai


In Conversation with Jolin Tsai

ZINE #18 封面人物訪談 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai




蔡依林 Jolin 褪下舞台光環後,是一位純粹沒有過多矯飾的女孩。 不畏懼,愛自己,放慢腳步探索自我,為愛自己和愛的人而生。


Relatively under-the-radar on the world music charts, widely celebrated as a capital-S Serious Pop Star, Jolin Tsai, one of the finest of in the industry. She’s fearless , imbuing the music industry with deep and often experimental moves, but it was far from the only thing that shaped her. Her desire of ambitiously wanting to do more made her irresistible. Being one of the all time superstars, always on top away from the norm, the only question is – What’s Next for Jolin Tsai.